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Mobilization Resource

DATAMATION’s Services for Cutting Edge Resource Mobilization for International and National Charities

Datamation has been supporting various non-profit organizations (NPOs) in India and overseas in building their capacities in fund-raising and resource mobilization with practical, hands-on case study driven models.
In addition, Datamation has been engaged in a full suite range delivery of the following support services in fund raising & resource mobilization:
a) Offers full range of comprehensive & cutting edge fund raising services, and have the ability to strategize, expand and sustain a Charity’s direct marketing programs for effective Resource Mobilization (RM).
b) Builds an understanding and detailed knowledge base of the charity’s Community Development Action areas.
c) Offers strategic Local Resource Mobilization (LRM) strategic advisory services by working in close partnership with the charity.
d) Training and Capacity building services in Resource Mobilization.
Strength of the Datamation in Resource Mobilization:
We have enjoyed a proven track record and experience of working with various Indian and International Charities in Fund Raising. Few of our illustrious clients from the voluntary sector include UNICEF Asia-Pacific Regional Offices, Red Cross, Helpage India, SOS Children Villages of India, CRY-Child Relief & You, Green peace, Wildlife SOS, Cleft-Children International, Deepalaya, Save the Children, Care, PETA and many more. Our response rates to a fund raising pack has been over 1.75-2% of the mailers mailed.

We bring our unique strengths and capabilities for the benefit of Charities and NGOs for developing a robust RM base. Due to the organization’s cross-cutting experience of working with the non-profit sector; we have developed a unique understanding of the social development challenges. We have deployed innovative Program Implementation strategies in partnership with the Development agencies, due to which Datamation managed to identify resource gaps and methods to be deployed for RM. Datamation’s offerings & services over the years include below:

(i) Resource Mobilization Strategy Development:
We help NGOs define their resource mobilization strategies, goals and objectives. This is done through participatory and interactive facilitation processes, tools and methods deployed by Datamation innovatively. Change management and public-private-community participation, sustainability concepts are introduced and dovetailed into the strategic framework development. Till date, we have enabled more than 50 reputed, established NGOs as also grass root organizations define their strategic goals and objectives successfully.

(ii) Resource Mobilization Strategy Deployment & Sustained Training & Capacity Building Support Services:
Post design of comprehensive, workable resource mobilization strategy, we help NGOs in the implementation of the strategy by training them in various components of fund raising.
We have been advocating Self-Reliance as a means for Self-Sustenance. More than 50 workshops on Self-Reliance have been conducted by Chetan Sharma covering following topics:
Objectives of Resource Mobilization Training & Capacity Building Support:
Topic I : Development Communications:
Importance and potential of public communication, fundraising and self-reliance
Methods of communications, principles of communication
Innovative concepts, tools, and technologies in Information and Communication Technologies for Fund Raising
Build capacities of the participants in building relationships with the Donors, approaching and cultivating relationships with the Corporate
What is development Communication?
How is Development Communication different from Commercial?
Importance of Communications in Resource Mobilization
Methods and Principles of Development Communications
Role of Communications in effective Presentations
Case Studies of successful Presentations
Case Studies of successful Development Communications
Nuts and bolts of effective Development Communications
How to convey your message?
How to write/edit/finalize your message?
Group exercises in writing newsletters and brochures.
Topic 2: Digital Communications & Social Media enabled Fund Raising :
Potential of Internet and other social media platforms in resource mobilization How to effectively establish a “communicative” web-sites and mobile apps Use of digital tools in Communications viz. SMS, Whats app, Face Book, Linked In, You Tube, Pinerest.
Twitter, email broadcasting
Integration of pictures, graphics, audio, video, text in e-fund raising and other communications
What is a e-fundraising appeal? Elements of a successful e-fundraising appeal.
How to write effective online fund-raising appeals? Successful Case Studies of UNICEF, HelpAge,CRY, Greenpeace and other organizations
How to acquire donors digitally ? How to manage relations with the donors on digital platforms?

Donor Retention techniques and Donor communications e-Fund Raising appeals—how to write an effective e-donation copy, Electronic donor-payment processing and how to handle chargeback and bounces. How to track digital platform responses from the donors. How to write effective fund raising copies for email, e-zine, e-newsletters, Facebook, Twitter, Orkut, You Tube and other social media How to set up List Serve, Closed Communication Group
Web site & m-app an effective Communication vehicle and life-long value Integration with other charity portals and online media and give while “clicking” Preparation of dummy social media campaigns and testing
Experience sharing and Dissemination

Post conduct of the training & capacity building programs, we offer evaluation and monitoring support so that improvements in the implementation strategy can be carried out.

Our Implementation support have remained time-tested and we offer fund raising campaign implementation support on digital, social media and traditional fund-raising through direct mail and also crowd-sourcing. Post-deployment, evaluation and monitoring services are also offered so that improvements in the implementation strategy can be carried out.

(i) Database Compilation and Selection:
We research, source, select and shortlist with the charities the different prospects targeting at home and business addresses and preferably with opt-in telephone numbers and email ids We deploy a very unique, innovative, research based methodology for database compilation and selection to ensure effective Return on Investment (ROI) for the clients.

Here are the steps of this methodology :
Research from the entire universe of managed and non-managed lists; lists that meet clients criteria of consistency, profiling, segmentation, currency, return mail guarantees. Finalize a shortlist of databases that could potentially be tested for the digital or traditional campaign.

(ii) Database Selection:
Database Creation and Management Process:
Datamation (ISO-9001:2008, ISO-27001) has been a front-ranking Direct Marketing, Fund Raising & CRM Firm of last 25 years reputation. We are a member of the US Direct Marketing Association (USDMA). Asia-Pacific Network of Fundraisers (APFN), Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP).

We have actively spearheaded capacity building, research, implementation and execution of Resource Mobilization (RM) plans for leading international development agencies, NGOs and Fortune 500 companies. Deploying a state of the art infrastructure operating more than 320 working days every year 24x7 hours ever since its inception; Datamation’s Fundraising & Resource Mobilization Division deploys qualified and experienced team of Database Management specialists,. Software Specialists, Database Operators, Tele-callers and Tele-Verifiers, Social Media Profilers, Electronic Payment Processors, Letter-Shopping Managers, Letter-Shopping Staff, Fulfillment staff.
We are equipped with state of art Cloud Computing as well as Client-Server architecture driven servers located in a 15,000 sq. feet facility spread over two floors. Datamation as an organized database management company implementing strictly the data privacy laws and data security legislations as approved by various Govt. agencies ; has consistently adopted below steps for building databases:

(a) At first level, we sources public domain information viz. directories, CDs, newspapers, periodicals, web-sites & other public domain information such as Hoovers, Bloomberg, NASDAQ and other Asian/APAC Stock Exchanges and Chambers of Commerce; for developing `raw’ consumer as well as business lists.
We also undertake data processing & data entry projects for reputed Fortune-500 clients and the Govt. on Build-Own-Transfer or Royalty basis, with specific permission from the Govt. to use the databases for non-conflicting promotional purposes. The Income Tax Permanent Account Number, The Vehicle Owners, White Goods Consumer owners are such segments.
The raw lists are de-duped across segments to arrive at a unified base proposed to be profiled. We uses an innovative database management software for managing & building the databases.

(b) The `raw’ databases get profiled with the help of either field data collection, web search and tele-profiling wherein information is validated:
Name & Category of the Consumer/Business.
Full Address, Pin Code, URL, Phone#, Fax# and email id.
For Consumer data, several socio-economic criteria indicative of` net-worth’ of the consumer get profiled viz.
Age & Educational qualification, Martial status.
Number of children and profile of children.
Type of car owned.
Gold Card owned.
Club Memberships.
Magazine readerships.
White good consumer ownership.
Number of holidays in a year.
Number of international trips.
Types of real estate and other investments.
For Business data, below information parameters are profiled:
Annual Sales Turnover for last three years & URL.

Profit after taxes for last three years. Type of business viz. Manufacturing, Retail, Service, Banking, Finance etc. Number of Employees—level wise and number of senior, middle and lower management staff. IT Infrastructure of the Company. Names of the Directors & Senior Management team.

(‘c) After every customer contact process and roll-out exercise; the campaign results are shared with the clients. We take enormous pains to collect return & bounce data from the clients. Any return & bounce data –phone numbers, postal and email addresses--are expunged from the database. Our repository is over 96% accurate and current.
We offer recency, accuracy guarantee to the charities. Free replacement guarantee are offered in event the returns exceeds an agreed threshold level viz. 95% for direct mailers and 65% for email and phone contacts.


II. (i) Creative Content:
a) We use our domain development knowledge to develop creative ideas for testing digital, social media and print campaigns. We accept oral and written creative brief from the client on the development of digital communications and also direct mailers that comprise usually 2 packs (outer envelope; cover letter; illustrative material; coded donation form and BRE for donation) + Thank You letter/Welcome Pack to be mailed to those who make a donation.
b) Development of an Control Prospect e-pack based on suggested text and pictures; as well as the direct mail.
c) Development of a /country specific digital & mainstream fundraiser. .
d) Design of a Thank You letter/Welcome Pack communications.
(ii) Portal, Web sites and Social Networking Deployment:
Datamation has been working with NGOs in the deployment of social networking tools viz. Face Book, Twitter, You Tube, Orkut with the following features:
A blog to share users donor/supporter experience in the site and also communicate with others.
Language selection. Pages will be rendered in the selected language with memory of that selection during future visits via cookies.
My Favorites & Search - A tool for book-marking favorite sections of the site and get direct access to them. Also a very powerful content search engine that can be used to find stuff from the entire website.

RSS feed - subscribe to the RSS feed from the website. Latest events, news, new project sites etc.
A detailed footer section with the top menus displayed in detail with direct links.
Changeable background image for the entire site, which can be used to create festive atmospheres.
Table less design to provide friendliness to all mobile devices.
SEO integration and content optimization.
Search engine friendly URLs for articles and other content.
Analytics integration.
W3C WAG priority 1 compliance
Alternate Text links and static text views where applies HTML5 caching integration via Cache manifest, content compression and other features to provide a faster experience.

III. (i) e-DM & conventional Pack Production
Datamation has a captive, state-of-the-art e-DM creative and a print facility as well as pre-process facility that enables cost-effective print services.

We have a captive Letter shop handling large volume mailings for various national and international clients for past 17 years. The Letter shop is equipped with a dedicated franking machines with valid postal license for mailing. Due to cost-effective postage rates under various categories of mailing; we are able to assist our clients in saving millions of dollars in the postage costs alone. .
Due to lesser mailing volumes; some of the activities rendered by the Letter shop are manual and there is absence of automation in the mailing services. However with enhanced volumes more and more Letter shop functions have been automated to ensure quality & reliability in the services.
QUALITY CONTROL IN LETTER-SHOPPING & E-BROADCASTING: We have ensured quality-control, reliability and timeliness in the letter-shopping & e-broadcasting activities. From time to time; dedicated Quality Control Supervisors are assigned on a whole time basis so that the quality and reliability can be ensured.
We do not engage any contract staff in Letter-shopping & Broadcasting activities and only whole-time staff is engaged in the Letter-Shop & ICT facilities to help maintain quality and

Do you need to make a Services in your Company ? Please fell free to ask any question.