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Market Research

Datamation: Project Management, Digital Marketing & Market Research, Business Advisory, Consulting And Training
Datamation (ISO IEC 27001, ISO 9001:2008) is a leading multi-disciplinary consulting, research and project management firm offering highly specialized services. Our specializations include marketing advisory services and market research; economic and financial research; project analysis and project management. We specialize in FMCG, White consumer goods, High Technology and Information Systems, Tourism & Hospitality, Bio-technology, Agriculture and Water Management, Health and Nutrition, Energy, Telecommunications and High Technology sectors.

Our Company Process

Datamation’s Project Consulting, Management Advisory and Market Research Department draws it expertise from a whole time strength of 100 highly experienced professionals experienced in various sectors. We operate from more than 28 locations across the country and have a proven track record of delivering decentralized market

research services using this network of offices cost-effectively. We also draw our expertise from a qualified pool of top notch Consultants specializing in various sectors.

Our Clients

  • International Development Agencies : UNDP, UNICEF, The World Bank, Asian Development Bank, UNSECO, World Communications-ITU, UNHCR,
  • Civil Aviation Sectors : British Airways, Lufthansa, KLM, SAS Airlines, Emirates, Jet Airways
  • Lubes & Other Industrial Products : Shell, Federal Mogal
  • Logistics & Forwarding : Federal Express, UPS, Indian Department of Posts, Bank
  • Publications & Online Companies : Wall Street Journal. Economist, Time-Fortune, Scholastic, India Today Group, Home Office Computing, Time Warner, click-Z
  • Trade Fairs : Hong Kong Trade Fair Authority, MMI-Shanghai Fairs, MMI-Munchen GmBh
  • FMCG : Unilever, Airlines, Nestle, Starbucks, Reckitt-Benckiser, GSK, Britannia
  • ICT & Telecommunications : Hewlett Packard, Microsoft, Cisco, VM Ware, Vodafone, MTS, Airtel, Idea Cellular, Telecom Regulatory Authority of India
  • Tourism & Hospitality : Singapore Tourism Promotion Board, Thailand Authority for Tourism Promotion (TAT), Seychelles Tourism Promotion Board, Ministry of Tourism-Govt. of India, Sheraton Group of Hotels, Hertz, Taj Group of Hotels

Marketing Advisory Services, Market Surveys & Feasibility Studies:

We have offered highly specialized Marketing Advisory and Market Research Services to large number of MNCs and Fortune-500 companies. A partial list of these assignments includes :

(a) ICT & Technology Sector:

  • Impact Assessment of local language MS-Office Hindi version from the local communities perspective for Microsoft.
  • Market Research on the improved batteries deployment in the laptops for Intel.
  • Member of the National e-Governance Apex Group set up by the Govt. of India.
  • Worked with the IL&FS-DIT as a core member of the 100,000 CSC scheme.

  • Documented and Researched 32 ICT for Development Case Studies for the National Institute for Smart Governance.
  • Established, Documented and Researched Ongoing ICT for Rural Development Projects for the National Institute for Rural Development, Govt. of India.

  • Review of the Strategic planning and implementation framework including the Legal Framework for the study on the ‘E-Governance Study: Theory to Practice’ for the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore.

(b) Telecom Services:

  • Quality of Services (QoS) audit or basic telephone service (wireline), cellular mobile telephone service; and Broadband service for the years 2013-14 & 2014-15 (two years) for Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI). Broadband reach, usage and penetration in various zones of India for Vodafone. Broadband reach, usage and penetration in various zones of India for Idea Cellular.

(c) FMCG Sector:

  • India Coffee Consumption and Attitude Study 2011 for the India Coffee Board, a Govt. of India statutory body with Industry representation.
  • Retail audit of tea & coffee vending products for Unilever India Ltd.
  • All India Consumer Mapping and Consumer Study for Soap products for Unilever lndia.
  • All India Consumer survey and mapping for premium brand of Biscuits for GSK.
  • Retail audit for ICI Paints in five metros for understanding product displays and off-take, signage and consumer profiling and channel responsiveness.

  • Brand audit for ICI Paints within National Region of India.
  • Market Research for an American Publishing Company ( Scholastic ) dealing in Primary level text books and extra-curricular material for children. This research focused on the primary level education sector in the country; distribution network for text books; sales incentives and other promotional plans.
  • Market Research for Australian Trade Commission on Office Stationary Products.
  • Market Research for Swedish Embassy on Office and Industrial Staplers.

(d) Logistics And Forwarding Sector:

  • Market assessment of the load capacity shipped by the key players in the cargo for the last 3 years—samples as well as documents—of the leading international players from logistics services as well as cargo companies include Fedex, DHL, UPS.

  • Transit time analysis as well as service quality assessment of the key players from the Logistics Industry combining a set of mystery shopping and secondary data collection exercise was handled for Federal Express.
  • Mystery shopping exercise on leading Exporters using the logistics services in the country in the five metros as well as bench-marking of these results over a set of critical parameters was handled for Federal Express

  • A market study of major airlines for last 5 years from major airports of the country for last 3 years of the cargo lifted by these airlines—month-wise data was collected for Federal Express and DHL.

(e) Tourism, Travel Trade, Hospitality And Entertainment/Amusement:

  • International Airlines Passenger Surveys for the International Airlines Transport Association (IATA).
  • Business Strategies implemented by the leading Asia-Pacific Tourism Authorities viz. Hong Kong Tourism Authority, Thailand Tourism Authority, Australian Tourism Commission including their promotion, pricing, customer acquisition and client-retention strategies review & assessment.
  • Qualitative Research for KLM Royal Dutch Airlines to ascertain the perceptions of the frequent international fliers for using an All-Dutch crew vis-a-vis a mixed-Indian crew on KLM.
  • Quantitative research to develop the profile of Cargo and Passage Agents spread all over India for British Airways.
  • Qualitative research to develop the profile of frequent international travelers from the Corporate Sector, MNC, Diplomatic core, Exporters etc. for American Express Travel Services
  • Market research and continuous domestic and foreign tourist surveys as well as hospitality trade for Sikkim Tourism-Govt. of India.

  • Market research and continuous domestic and foreign tourist surveys as well as hospitality trade for Madhya Pradesh Tourism-Govt. of India.
  • Market research and continuous domestic and foreign tourist surveys as well as hospitality trade for Chattisgarh-Govt. of India.

  • Market study on the Travel Trade perceptions and behavioral practices of the agents spread all over country for Balmer & Lawrie-Govt. of India.
  • Market research and continuous domestic and foreign tourist surveys for 3 year time-frame for Kerala Tourism.
  • Tourist arrival information and processing based on the data generated by the Deptt. Of Tourism, Govt. of India.

  • Preparation of a Perspective Plan for the Development of National Park at Agra.
  • Preparation of a report on the feasibility of setting up a Golf Course in Himachal Pradesh.
  • Preparation of a market study for setting up a Gaming/Amusement Centre in New Delhi comprising state of the art coin operated entertainment machines.

(f) Consumer Products:

  • Qualitative market research to determine American Express card holder’s product perceptions and reinforce card benefits.Quantitative Research to determine first and business class travelers for American Express Travel Services.
  • Merchants and shop establishments mapping for HDFC Bank’s Merchant Acquisition Business.
  • Credit Card consumer behavioral and psychographic analysis for CitiBank.

(g) White Goods Consumer Durable, Industrial And High Technology Products And Services:

  • Market entry strategy and market scenario for the Industrial use including use in Un-Interrupted Power Supply Systems (UPS) for Exide Inc. on behalf of the US Foreign Commercial Services.
  • Market study on Kaolin, Feldspar and Ball Clay for the Kentucky- Kansas Clay Company (KT Clay Company).
  • Market study on coin operated entertainment and amusement machines for American Amusement Machines Manufacturers Association (AAMA) and the US Foreign Commercial Services.
  • Market study on Telecommunications, Electronics and Communications for the Canadian Ministry of Foreign Trade.
  • Market study on Health Care and potential business opportunities for Swede Care, a Swedish Health Sector consortium.

  • Market research for Autologic, a leading printing and publishing equipment manufacturer to in order to determine the profile of Autologic’s prospects and develop an estimate of market size.
  • Feasibility study on mobile and cellular phones commissioning in India for the Finnish Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

  • Market research and techno-economic feasibility of the marketing of “Waste-Not-Taps” in India for a Finnish Company.
  • Market research for determining the strengths and weaknesses; as well as the future marketing strategies of various Telecom MNCs — AT&T, CIT Alcatel, Fujitsu, Siemens, Nokia — operating in India on behalf of the Finnish Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

  • Research for evaluating the financial performance, market mix and business strategy of Steel Tubes India Ltd.
  • Market Research for Leisure and entertainment goods marketed by a UK based company — Leisure International.
  • Market Survey for the potential and scope of Project Management Software in India. Comparison Shopping Survey ( a quantitative market research ) for US Foreign Commercial Services on Process Control and Instrumentation.Potential and economics of Industrial Gas Turbines in India.Market Surveys for Gas Turbines, Industrial Steam Turbines, DG Sets, Turbine Gear Boxes, Portable Generators etc.Economic and cost-benefit analysis of various methods of electricity generation in a power-shortage situation.Quick review of power scenario in India and trends in captive power generation.

  • Economics of wind electricity generation.
  • Identification of business opportunities for California companies in the field of energy conservation, cogeneration, solar thermal energy, mini/micro hydel, bio-mass energy, gas turbines, natural gas and technical services.
  • Market research for Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) on the business scenario of Cable and Satellite TV in India.

  • All India Market Survey for Pistons, Piston Rings and Cylinder Liners for Escorts.
  • Comparative cost analysis of six leading Steel Mills.
  • Demand for Basic & Cellular Phones in Delhi, HP, Punjab & Haryana for Hero Honda Ltd.
  • Public Utilities Service – An Evaluation Survey for the Ministry of Finance.
  • Performance Evaluation of C-Dot for DOT, Ministry of Communication.
  • Energy use in BRK Industry – IDRC/TERI.


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