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Consulting and Training


Datamation (ISO IEC 27001, ISO 9001:2008)  is  a leading multi-disciplinary  consulting, research  and  project    management   firm   offering    highly   specialized   services.   Our    specializations  include  marketing advisory  services and market research;  economic  and financial research;  project  analysis and project management.  We specialize in   FMCG, White consumer goods, High    Technology   and   Information   Systems,   Tourism & Hospitality,   Bio-technology,    Agriculture  and Water Management,  Health  and   Nutrition,   Energy,    Telecommunications  and High Technology sectors.


International Development Agencies:   UNDP, UNICEF, The World Bank, Asian Development Bank, UNSECO, World Communications-ITU, UNHCR,

Civil Aviation Sectors: British   Airways, Lufthansa,  KLM, SAS Airlines, Emirates, Jet Airways

Banking & Financial Services: Bank  of  America,  American  Express,   HSBC, Citi Bank, HSBC, Max Life Insurance, CanBank-HSBC, RBS, Standard Chartered Bank

Lubes & Other Industrial Products : Shell, Federal Mogal

Logistics & Forwarding: Federal Express, UPS, Indian Department of Posts, Bank 

Publications & Online Companies: Wall Street Journal. Economist, Time-Fortune, Scholastic, India Today Group,   Home   Office Computing, Time Warner, click-Z

Trade Fairs: Hong Kong Trade Fair Authority, MMI-Shanghai Fairs, MMI-Munchen GmBh

FMCG: Unilever, Airlines, Nestle,  Starbucks, Reckitt-Benckiser, GSK, Britannia

ICT & Telecommunications: Hewlett Packard,  Microsoft, Cisco, VM Ware, Vodafone, MTS, Airtel,  Idea Cellular, Telecom Regulatory Authority of India

Tourism & Hospitality: Singapore Tourism Promotion Board, Thailand Authority for Tourism Promotion (TAT), Seychelles Tourism Promotion Board, Ministry of Tourism-Govt. of India,  Sheraton Group of Hotels, Hertz, Taj Group of Hotels

Datamation’s Project Consulting, Management Advisory and Market Research Department   draws  it  expertise  from a whole time  strength  of  100 highly experienced  professionals  experienced  in various sectors. We operate from more than 28 locations across the country and have a proven track record of delivering decentralized market research services using this network of offices cost-effectively. We  also draw  our  expertise from a qualified pool of  top  notch  Consultants specializing  in various sectors.


We have offered  highly  specialized Marketing  Advisory and Market Research Services to large number of MNCs and Fortune-500 companies.  A partial list  of  these  assignments includes :

  • (a) ICT & Technology Sector :

  • *Impact Assessment of local language MS-Office Hindi version from the local communities  perspective for Microsoft.

    *Market Research on the improved batteries deployment in the laptops for Intel.

    *Member of the National e-Governance Apex Group set up by the Govt. of India.
    *Worked with the IL&FS-DIT as a core member of the 100,000 CSC scheme.
    *Documented and Researched 32 ICT for Development Case Studies for the National Institute for Smart Governance.
    *Established, Documented and Researched Ongoing ICT for Rural Development Projects for the National Institute for Rural Development, Govt. of India.
    *Review of the Strategic planning and implementation framework including the Legal Framework for the study on the `E-Governance Study: Theory to Practice’ for the Indian Institute of  Management, Bangalore. 
    (b) Telecom Services :

    *Quality of Services (QoS) audit or basic telephone service (wireline), cellular mobile telephone service; and Broadband service for the years 2013-14 & 2014-15 (two years) for Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI).
    *Broadband reach, usage and penetration in various zones of India for Vodafone.

    *Broadband reach, usage and penetration in various zones of India for Idea Cellular.


    *India Coffee Consumption and Attitude Study 2011 for the India Coffee Board, a Govt. of India statutory body with Industry representation.

    *Retail audit of tea & coffee vending products  for Unilever India Ltd.

    *All India Consumer Mapping and Consumer Study for Soap products for Unilever lndia.

    *All India Consumer survey and mapping for premium brand of Biscuits for GSK.  

    *Retail audit for ICI Paints in five metros for understanding product displays and off-take, signage and consumer profiling and channel responsiveness.

    *Brand audit for ICI Paints within National Region of India. .

    *Market  Research for an American Publishing Company (  Scholastic  ) dealing  in Primary level text books and  extra-curricular  material for  children. This research focused on the primary level  education sector  in the country; distribution network for text  books;  sales incentives and other promotional plans.

     *Market Research for Australian Trade Commission on Office Stationary Products.

     *Market  Research  for  Swedish  Embassy  on  Office  and  Industrial Staplers.


    * Market assessment of the load capacity shipped by the key players in the cargo for the last 3 years—samples as well as documents—of the leading international players from logistics services as well as cargo companies include Fedex, DHL, UPS.

    * Transit time analysis as well as service quality assessment of the key players from the Logistics Industry combining a set of mystery shopping and secondary data collection exercise was handled for Federal Express. 

    * Mystery shopping exercise on leading Exporters using the logistics services in the country in the five metros as well as bench-marking of these results over a set of critical parameters was handled for Federal Express

    * A market study of major airlines for last 5 years from major airports of the country for last 3 years of the cargo lifted by these airlines—month-wise data was collected for Federal Express and DHL.


    *International Airlines Passenger Surveys for the International Airlines Transport Association (IATA).

    *Business Strategies implemented by the leading Asia-Pacific Tourism Authorities viz. Hong Kong Tourism Authority, Thailand Tourism Authority, Australian Tourism Commission including their promotion, pricing, customer acquisition and client-retention strategies review & assessment.

    *Qualitative  Research for KLM Royal Dutch Airlines to ascertain  the perceptions  of the frequent international fliers for using an  All-Dutch crew vis-a-vis a mixed-Indian crew on KLM.

    *Quantitative  research to develop the profile of Cargo  and  Passage Agents spread all over India for British Airways.

     * Qualitative   research   to   develop  the   profile   of   frequent international  travelers from the Corporate Sector, MNC,  Diplomatic core, Exporters etc. for American Express Travel Services

     * Market research and continuous domestic and foreign tourist surveys as well as hospitality trade for Sikkim Tourism-Govt. of India.

    *Market research and continuous domestic and foreign tourist surveys as well as hospitality trade for Madhya Pradesh Tourism-Govt. of India.

    *Market research and continuous domestic and foreign tourist surveys as well as hospitality trade for Chattisgarh-Govt. of India.

    *Market study on the Travel Trade perceptions and behavioral practices of the agents spread all over country for Balmer & Lawrie-Govt. of India.

     *Market research and continuous domestic and foreign tourist surveys for 3 year time-frame for Kerala Tourism.

     *Tourist arrival information and processing based on the data generated by the Deptt. Of Tourism, Govt. of India.

     *Preparation  of a Perspective Plan for the Development  of  National Park at Agra.

     *Preparation  of  a report on the feasibility of setting  up  a  Golf Course in Himachal Pradesh.

     * Preparation  of  a market study for setting  up  a  Gaming/Amusement Centre  in  New  Delhi  
    comprising state of  the  art  coin  operated entertainment machines.


      * Qualitative  market  research  to determine  American  Express  card holder's product perceptions and reinforce card benefits.

      * Quantitative   Research  to  determine  first  and  business   class travelers for American Express Travel Services.

    *Merchants and shop establishments mapping for HDFC Bank’s Merchant Acquisition Business.

    *Credit Card consumer behavioral and psychographic analysis for CitiBank.


       * Market entry strategy and market scenario for the Industrial  use including use in Un-Interrupted Power Supply  Systems (UPS) for Exide Inc. on behalf of the US Foreign Commercial Services.

       * Market study on Kaolin, Feldspar and Ball Clay for the  Kentucky- Kansas Clay Company (KT Clay Company).

       * Market study    on   coin operated entertainment and amusement machines  for American Amusement Machines Manufacturers  Association (AAMA) and the US Foreign Commercial Services.

       * Market study    on   Telecommunications,    Electronics    and Communications for the Canadian Ministry of Foreign Trade.

       * Market study on Health Care and potential business  opportunities for Swede Care, a Swedish Health Sector consortium.

       * Market  research  for Autologic, a leading printing  and  publishing equipment  manufacturer  to  in order to determine  the  profile  of Autologic's prospects and develop an estimate of market size.

       * Feasibility  study  on mobile and cellular phones  commissioning  in India for the Finnish Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

       * Market research and techno-economic feasibility of the marketing  of "Waste-Not-Taps" in India for a Finnish Company.

       * Market  research  for determining the strengths and  weaknesses;  as well as the future marketing strategies  of various Telecom MNCs  -- AT&T, CIT Alcatel, Fujitsu, Siemens, Nokia -- operating in India  on behalf of the Finnish Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

       * Research  for evaluating the financial performance, market  mix  and business strategy of Steel Tubes India Ltd.

       * Market Research for Leisure and entertainment goods marketed by a UK based company -- Leisure International.

       * Market  Survey  for the potential and scope  of  Project  Management Software in India.

       * Comparison Shopping Survey ( a quantitative market research ) for US Foreign Commercial Services on Process Control and Instrumentation.

       * Potential and economics of Industrial Gas Turbines in India.

       * Market Surveys for Gas Turbines, Industrial Steam Turbines, DG Sets, Turbine Gear Boxes, Portable Generators etc.

       * Economic and cost-benefit analysis of various methods of electricity generation in a power-shortage situation.

       * Quick review of power scenario in India and trends in captive  power generation.

       * Economics of wind electricity generation.

       * Identification of business opportunities for California companies in the  field  of  energy  conservation,  cogeneration,  solar  thermal energy, mini/micro hydel, bio-mass energy, gas turbines, natural gas and technical services.

       * Market research for Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) on the business scenario of Cable and Satellite TV in India.

       * All  India  Market  Survey for Pistons, Piston  Rings  and  Cylinder Liners for Escorts.

       * Comparative cost analysis of six leading Steel Mills.

       * Demand  for Basic & Cellular Phones in Delhi, HP, Punjab  &  Haryana for Hero Honda Ltd.

       * Public Utilities Service - An Evaluation Survey for the Ministry  of Finance.

       * Performance Evaluation of C-Dot for DOT, Ministry of Communication.

    * Energy use in BRK Industry - IDRC/TERI.



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