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Application Development


We possess a proven track record of extensive software development, implementation, training, customization as well as re-engineering applications capabilities on a variety of mobile & web platforms. .  

Areas of Expertise: Our areas of expertise on a host of divergent platforms including both proprietary and open source are:

    --System design and implementation
    --System re-engineering

  • Consulting: assessment, Design, Implementation and Support of Software Solutions.
  • Project Management: We have senior project managers to help you with very complex projects requiring expertise that many other consulting firms don’t offer.
  • Customizing specific application needs, gives you more possible solutions.
  • Mobile, Internet and Web technologies.
  • E-Commerce Applications.
  • BPM applications like JBOSS, Bonita Open.
  • Database Applications, Data Warehousing, Data Mining.
  • System and Network Administrations.

Clients: We have served several Fortune 500 companies from a large number of sectors:

Telecom: AT&T, Airtel, Vodafone
Financial Services: Bank America, American Express, GE Capital, ABN-Amro Bank NV, MasterCard International
FMCG: Nestle SA, Unilever
Consumer durables: Sony, Samsung
Airlines: KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, British Airways
Publishing: Scholastic, Economist, Time-Warner, Algora Publishing
E-Commerce companies:,

II. Internet & Web Programming capabilities:

XML, HTML, DHTML, ASP, IIS, MTS, PWS, Active X, COM, DCOM, ADO, ODBC,Visual Interdev, Java Script, VB Script, Jscript, JDK, JSP, Java Swing, Servlets, Applets, Java, Beans, EJB, RMI, COBRA, OO Methodology, Web Logic, Web Sphere, Net Dynamics, ATG-Dynamo



Staffing: We employ  36 Software Engineers/Analysts both in-house as well as experienced resources associated with reputable organizations.

Qualifications and Experience: Most of the Software professionals associated with us are Post Graduate & Graduate Engineers in ICT or MCAs from highly reputable organizations. Most Developers possess more than 5+ years of Software Development experience.

Quality Assurance Policy: We have adopted a rigid quality assurance policy which entails three level of quality assurance based on multiple levels of quality assurance as well as reviews. Best practices from software engineering fields have been incorporated. Here are the salient features of our quality assurance process:

--The assigned Developer works with the Client in developing the specifications interactively and finalize the specifications. Final specs.get evolved.

--The project specifications will be reviewed by the Developer.  Post which development commences.

--The application follows certain pre-set standards as well as standard norms defined by the customer for the development of the application.

--Test data is obtained from the client in order to test the application.

--The application gets tested thoroughly using the test data. Bugs if any are removed.

--Post debugging, the application is tested by a second team of independent developers which ensures that the application is thoroughly tested as per the processes identified by the client. The test data provided by the client also goes through a review process which ensure that the application delivery is as per the stipulated standards. The test reports are shared with the development team and the findings have an impact on the subsequent debugging. By having a two-stage development as well as q.c. process we are able to regulate the quality significantly.


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